Influences: Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Self portrait of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck.

I’ve been following this couple’s work for years through their blog I admired their work long before I ever picked up a camera myself! I would just scroll through their images and admire the beautiful, romantic quality of the images. But since I’ve started learning about photography, I have a much greater appreciation for what they do and have learned a lot by reading the posts that accompany their images.

They use several cameras including a Sony a7RII, Impossible I-1 Analog Instant Camera, and Canon 5D Mark III. And shoot everything from fashion editorials, travel photography, lifestyle photography, beauty photography, video, and cinemagraphs.

I especially enjoy the cinemagraphs which are still images that have one or two things in motion. The effect is has a somewhat magical quality because at first glance it is a normal photo, but then their is also qualities of video that ad interest and narrative to the image. Beck and Burg create this images using a Canon 5D.

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