Carolina Softball

The Gamecock Softball team huddles up beofre their opening game against Ohio.
Carolina’s Kaylea Snaer and Ohio’s Casey Hutchinson watch as a Ohio player is at bat.
Krystan White runs to meet her team to celebrate her homerun.

I photographed the University of South Carolina’s Softball season opener against Ohio on Friday, February 10 at 3 pm. This was my first attempt both at photographing a college sporting event and using a 400 mm lens. To get the photos of the two players and the team huddle I positioned myself all the way up in the left corner of the stadium stands and shot using a 400 mm lens. Using this lens was a challenge, but I was pleased about how these images turned out.

Another one of my favorite images from the game was taken after Krystan White hit a home run and was running to her team to celebrate. This was such an exciting moment in the game and it was nice to see the energy and spirit of the team. This photo was taken using a 70- 200 mm Canon lens (which was much lighter and easier to manage than the 400 mm lens!).

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